Preparing for your VWC Wine Cabinet

April 20, 2021 2 min read

Preparing for your VWC Wine Cabinet

CONGRATULATIONS! Your wine cabinet is in production. Now what?

Follow this helpful guide to ensure smooth delivery and optimal performance of your wine cabinet. If you have any questions along the way, please contact our customer support team: or 866-973-1100.

Check electrical requirements

Your cabinet requires a dedicated non-GFI outlet connected to a 15-amp circuit. Keep it separate from appliances that require heavy draws of electricity.

Ensure proper clearance for ventilation

The refrigeration system exchanges air through the top of the cabinet. Ensure 18" of clearance above the cabinet for proper performance of the refrigeration unit. Do not store wine or decorative items on the top of the cabinet.

Clear a path for delivery

Prepare ahead of time for cabinet delivery by clearing a path from the delivery truck to the cabinet location. Remove obstacles and place valuables out of the way.

Enlist professional muscle for delivery day

About a week prior to delivery, we will provide the weight and dimensions of your crated cabinet. We recommend you hire professional movers to uncrate the cabinet, remove and dispose of the packaging and move the cabinet into place. Read more about freight delivery.

Inspect the cabinet upon delivery

Be sure to inspect the packaging and cabinet and note any damage on the delivery receipt before signing for the delivery. In the event of damage, contact our customer support team at 866-973-1100 before the delivery team leaves the site.

Commission the cabinet

We recommend you wait 24 hours before operating your refrigeration system to protect the unit from internal damage that could arise if it was shipped, stored or tilted on its side. The unit is programmed with a 3-minute delay at startup to protect its internal components.

Mark the calendar for maintenance

Like any mechanical equipment, your wine refrigeration system requires maintenance. Read the enclosed manual and perform the recommended maintenance to extend the life of the system.

Stock and enjoy!

Thank you for trusting Vineyard Wine Cellars with you wine storage solutions. Cheers!

Looking for a climate-controlled wine cabinet for your entertaining space, or restaurant? Vineyard Wine Cellars is the leading provider of wine storage solutions for enthusiasts seeking inspired solutions for the preservation and enjoyment of their collection. We source state-of-the-art products and materials in wine cellar cooling, construction, finishes, lighting, and racks to provide wine storage solutions for all applications and to suit any design style. Over the last 18 years, Vineyard Wine Cellars has earned a reputation as the premier wine storage provider by bringing ingenuity and quality workmanship to the process of designing and installing award-winning wine storage solutions. Browse our wine cabinets online or contact us at 866-973-1100 or


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