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Constructing a Wine Cellar

Constructing a Wine Cellar

Constructing a Wine Cellar  

A well-executed wine cellar takes into account design, planning, and proper construction. If something is going to go wrong with your wine cellar, it will most likely be due to lack of planning and poor construction. Taking a holistic approach to designing and constructing a wine cellar is key to avoiding common problems that can lead to major issues down the road. Below is a checklist of wine cellar construction priorities that should be followed in order. 

Insulation and Vapor Barrier 

The most important part of a functioning wine room is what happens behind the walls. Having proper insulation and a good vapor barrier is key. In order to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels for wine storage and to prevent condensation and mold from developing, it is imperative that guidelines are followed. Industry standards are in place and include use of specific materials, R factors as well as application methods. By following these standards, you will ensure the safest storage for your collection and your house overall. 

Refrigeration Sizing and Selection 

Another key component to proper wine storage is refrigeration. When choosing the proper size refrigeration unit, it is important to take into account: 

  • Cubic feet of the space 
  • R factors in the walls, ceiling and floor 
  • Bottle turnover 
  • Distance between the refrigeration system and the wine cellar 
  • Lighting plans 
  • ...and more.  

Once a proper size unit is determined, the next consideration is the planning for the installation requirements of the entire refrigeration system including electrical needs, ductwork, line sets, thermostat, sensors and seamless integration of supply and return air into the wine cellar design.   


Cellar doors come in all types from solid wood to frameless glass. Once again, it boils down to proper materials and installation methods. The type of door in your wine cellar is also a consideration in planning the proper refrigeration sizing as mentioned above. The wine cellar door protects the environment inside the cellar and deserves the same attention you would give an exterior door that protects the rest of your home from the climate outdoors. 

Wine Racking  

While wine cellar racking comes in a myriad of options, it is important to lead with a comprehensive plan for construction of the wine cellar. Once that is done, then you can approach the interior design with the confidence that you fully understand the necessary elements of a functioning wine cellar and how to seamlessly integrate them into the design. 

Sequence of Construction 

Many factors go into wine cellar construction including electrical, insulation, HVAC, lighting, racking, glass walls, and doors. Having the proper sequence of tasks completed will help to avoid rework that costs time and money. Ask your designer to document and communicate, with the builder or contractor, a clear sequence of construction to ensure the project stays on schedule and on budget. If you plan ahead and mind the details your project will come out as intended and withstand the test of time. 

In summary, the key is to plan ahead and mind the details. We’re excited to put our proven approach to work for you! Contact Vineyard Wine Cellars today by clicking here or calling 866-973-1100.



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