Victoria Wine Cabinet

The Victoria Wine Cabinet holds 139 bottles in cork forward wine pegs with additional storage for cases.
  • Features an 18 ½” depth, perfect to place against a wall or in a furniture niche
  • Cabinet exterior is solid premium-grade wood with furniture-grade finish
  • Cabinet interior is Alder wood with mineral oil application
  • Wine peg finish options are milled aluminum or matte black
  • Includes CellarPro Model 1800H refrigeration system designed to disappear into the cabinet ceiling
  • Door is wood framed with insulated clear glass
  • Interior LED lighting runs vertically on both sides of door opening
  • Shown with Wood Smoke stain, Milled Aluminum wine pegs and Nickel door hinges and pull
  • Ships fully assembled
  • 100% manufactured in the US
  • Typically ships in 6-8 weeks


Wine Cabinet Dimensions: 41 5/8”W x 18 1/2”D x 88”H

Cabinet Weight: approximately 350 lbs.

Bottle Opening Dimensions: fits standard 750mL bottles


Requires 18” clearance above the cabinet for proper performance of refrigeration unit


Requirements: dedicated non-GFI outlet connected to a 15-amp circuit

Cooling systems designed for this level of precision are more sensitive to low voltage conditions, which is why our cabinets require dedicated circuits. When we say "dedicated circuit", we mean that the circuit shouldn't have any items that require heavy draws of electricity – e.g. other appliances, vacuum cleaners, big-screen TVs, blow-dryers – on the same circuit as the cooling unit. Lighting, computers or other low-draw items shouldn't be a problem on the same circuit.


Wine cabinets utilize CellarPro wine refrigeration systems for cooling, which are among the quietest available in the industry. These are forced air mechanical systems that contain a fan motor, produce sound and will run at least 75 percent of the time. Individuals’ sensitivity to sound, and perceptions of loudness, are highly subjective. For these reasons, Vineyard Wine Cellars makes no warranty or guarantee with respect to sound level of custom wine cabinets.


Cabinet: 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Refrigeration System: 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

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