Collection: Wine Guardian Pro Series Ducted Split Cooling Systems

Ideal for Wholesale and Commercial Construction

Wine Guardian cooling systems are engineered for maximum versatility, efficiency and functionality when it comes to storing and aging wine. Wine Guardian Pro units take this standard of excellence one step further to address the unique needs of the wholesale community. From distributors to refrigeration wholesalers to HVAC installation professionals, the Wine Guardian Pro series makes installation, customization and maintenance of our solutions—for commercial or larger residential applications—seamless.

Moreover, these units can be utilized in a variety of scenarios where temperature and humidity control are needed to protect valuables. In addition to wine, our specialty cooling systems preserve instruments, fur, cigars, art and documents, and even server-room equipment, from the harmful effects of heat and humidity.


The Wine Guardian Pro series has a number of features that facilitate a straightforward installation. The systems are constructed of lightweight aluminum with built-in lift handles making it easier to manage and position the device. Adding to the ease of the installation process, integral mounting feet help to secure and support the condensing unit.

Once the units are in place, the process of getting the systems up and running has been engineered with ease in mind. The easy plug-and-play design with power cord is standard in all units. Moreover, the primary power, controls, drain and water-connections are centralized for an efficient utility connection in all Wine Guardian Pro Split systems.

Next, the multi-panel design makes it possible to custom configure a particular application through up to three ductwork connections. Integral refrigerant sight glass enables a technician to determine the correct equipment charge, while charging the entire system is easily done through external refrigerant service valves. Being able to establish internal connections, as well as service the units, are simplified through oversized access panels.

For all of these reasons, the Pro Split systems are well-suited to smaller spaces. The slimline condensing unit is ideal for wall- and concrete pad-mounting applications.