VWC designed wine lounge

This VWC-created wine lounge is the perfect locale to relax and end the day.

(HINT: Yes, you do need a wine lounge!)

Providing True Relaxation With Your Collection

We install corking and decanting stations into wine cellars in residences around the country. However, the 55-60 degree temps are not always optimal for enjoying the bottle inside the cellar. Your guests may not be able to relax and enjoy your collection for long in these temperatures. Often, the conversation moves away from your collection to another room. But what if you want to include the collection itself in the party?

Enter the wine lounge.

Wine lounges are growing in popularity as a residential concept. They are a combination of wine storage and entertaining space, and are an up-and-coming solution for many wine enthusiasts. The concept brings together the best of both worlds:

  • Climate-controlled wine storage to preserve and protect your collection
  • A comfy place to lounge while savoring your newest favorite bottle.

The latest and greatest in our portfolio is the plush wine lounge in Bullard, Texas shown above. A climate-controlled space loaded with bottle capacity keeps the reds in optimal storage conditions. Two under counter wine refrigerators house the whites and champagne which are ready to drink at a moments’ notice. Backlit onyx and colored lighting set the scene for any occasion.

Our favorite part about this project? We’re told the kids bring their favorite books, the parents cork a bottle and as a family they close out the day together.

Multiple Ways to Lounge

We’re seeing the lounge concept incorporated into more and more custom home floor plans. But you don’t need a dedicated room to bring this concept to life. In existing homes, we’ve partitioned a wine wall at the end of dining rooms, game rooms and bonus rooms for climate-controlled storage. Add cozy seating vignettes, invite the neighbors over and you’re lounging like a pro.

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