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Finding Space For Your Dream Wine Cellar
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Finding Space For Your Dream Wine Cellar

No Space for a Wine Cellar? Time to Look Again!

Convinced you don’t have room for wine storage? It’s time to take another look. Sometimes a space for a wine cellar is not obvious. You may have to create the space for the wine cellar before you can create the wine cellar itself. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Look Under the Stairs

Space under the stairs is a go-to when it comes to converting underutilized space into wine storage. This is a great option, provided you have a clear route to bring refrigeration and electrical needs to the space. If your staircase is in the middle of your home – and it often is – this may take some doing.

Ductless split refrigeration systems are common in climate-controlled wine cellars under the stairs. The evaporator is hung inside the cellar and a copper line set runs from the evaporator to a condenser outside. Dedicated circuits are run from the electrical panel to the locations of the evaporator and condenser. Running a line set or a circuit is simple in a new construction environment but in an established home or business, this may lead to significant drywall and paint repairs. Be sure to consider these aspects when planning and bidding your project.

Modern glass understair wine cellar

With advanced planning and a knowledgeable wine cellar contractor, a climate-controlled wine cellar under the stairs is a fabulous use of square footage.

Carve Out a Wine Wall

Rather than a “walk in” room, create a “reach in” space up against an existing wall. Wine walls are becoming more common in dining rooms, game rooms and kitchens. They don’t take up as much square footage as a wine room. And with a glass wall to enclose the space, your collection is now in view and central to your entertaining space.

There are several design considerations for glass enclosed wine walls that should be planned for upfront. The depth of a wine wall is typically only 2-3 feet so it’s likely that your refrigeration, as well as your wine racks, glass and lighting, will all tie into the narrow ceiling. Any wine wall project should begin with a comprehensive design that seamlessly integrates all aspects of a functioning wine wall to avoid costly project pitfalls and rework down the road.

Glass Wine Wall

Clean out the Garage

If those boxes of “keepsakes” in the garage no longer spark joy, convert that space to a wine cellar! Frame in your desired amount of square footage and add a new entrance from your home to the wine cellar.

A garage conversion is more typical of a new construction environment with newly framed walls that are wide open for running mechanical and electrical requirements. Garage spaces typically offer excellent proximity to electrical needs and the physical space to locate refrigeration equipment. Garages are “hot” areas in most US climates so be sure to properly insulate the space for your desired cellar temp. Use an industry specific heat load calculator like this one from Wine Guardian to properly size a system.

Repurpose Underutilized Space

Still looking for the ideal space to convert to wine storage? Take a walk through your home with fresh eyes and think about the areas that your family doesn’t use as much anymore. Sometimes it’s not a matter of creating new space but rethinking how you use the space that’s already there. For example, convert the dry bar, enclose the butler’s pantry, or divide an oversized room in half.

Finding space for your wine cellar doesn’t have to be challenging! Rethink the existing spaces in your home, consult with a wine cellar design and construction expert, and take the next step towards the entertaining space you’ve always dreamed about. Cheers!

Vineyard Wine Cellars is the leading provider of wine cellars for enthusiasts seeking inspired solutions for the preservation and enjoyment of their collection. We source state-of-the-art products and materials in wine cellar cooling, construction, finishes, lighting, and designer wine racks to provide wine storage solutions for all applications and to suit any design style. Contact Vineyard Wine Cellars today by clicking here or calling 866-973-1100.



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