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Introducing the Signature Collection Wine Racks: Simple and Sophisticated Wine Display Solutions
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Introducing the Signature Collection Wine Racks: Simple and Sophisticated Wine Display Solutions

When it comes to showcasing your wine collection, finding the perfect wine rack is essential. You want a design that not only beautifully displays your bottles but also complements the overall aesthetics of your wine cellar or display area. That's where the Signature Collection wine racks come in. With their simple yet sophisticated features, they are designed to make your bottles and their labels the focal point of your wine storage space. With its sleek lines and selection of finish options available, they effortlessly blend into any interior decor. 

Simple and Sophisticated

The Signature Collection wine racks embody a timeless elegance that effortlessly elevates any wine cellar or display. With clean lines and a minimalist design, these racks provide a sleek and refined look. 

Showcase the Labels

The Signature Collection wine racks ensure that your wine bottles and their labels take center stage. There are 3 types of configurations available for this collection: 

  1. The standard configuration allows bottles to rest on a pair of horizontal rods that connect to vertical mounting posts, allowing for label-forward display.  
  2. For a unique touch, this collection also offers an option for angled display rows. This feature adds visual interest and creates a dynamic presentation for your bottles.  
  3. A floating bottle display option replaces the traditional post-to-post rails with staggered pegs to achieve a floating bottle look. This innovative option adds a touch of modernity to your wine storage, creating an eye-catching arrangement. 

      Capacity Options

      With the Signature Collection wine racks, you can choose from various depths from 1, 2, or 3 deep to meet your storage needs. Opt for a single depth for simple displays or go for the three-deep option to maximize your wine collection's capacity. 

      Flexible Sizing

      The row height of the horizontal rails accommodates various bottle sizes and shapes. If your collection includes Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Champagne bottles, this display can accommodate them all. 

      Two Finish Options

      The Signature Collection wine racks come with a choice of two finishes for the posts and rods. The clear anodized aluminum finish offers a soft silver-like appearance, while the black anodized aluminum finish adds a touch of sophistication. Choose the finish that best complements your style and overall wine cellar design. 

      End Bracket Options

      The wood end brackets of the Signature Collection wine racks are available in different finishes to further enhance the aesthetic appeal. Opt for the clear lacquered walnut or white oak for a more natural look that adds warmth, or choose the black lacquered walnut to create a bolder statement that matches the black posts and rods. Alternatively, the clear acrylic end brackets provide a light and airy look for a more contemporary ambiance. 

      Flexible Mounting Options

      The vertical mounting posts of the Signature Collection wine racks offer flexibility in installation. They anchor into the floor at the bottom and can be secured to the wall or ceiling at the top. This versatility allows you to customize the wine rack to suit your space and preferences. 

      Optional Features

      This collection offers optional features for your display for both aesthetics and functionality.  

      1. Pouring Station: This feature allows you to create a designated area for opening and serving your favorite wines, adding functionality to your wine storage space. 
      2. Magnum Bottle Display Alcove: If you have a collection of magnum-sized bottles, the Signature Collection wine racks offer an alcove specifically designed to showcase these larger-format bottles. This specialized feature ensures that your magnums are safely stored while still being prominently displayed. 
      3. U-Bins for Bulk Storage: U-bins are ideal for bulk storage or holding wooden wine crates. This practical addition allows you to keep your wine collection organized and easily accessible. 

          The Signature Collection wine racks bring together simplicity, sophistication, and versatility, offering you the perfect storage solution for your cherished wine collection. With its attention to detail and customizable features, this collection ensures that your wine bottles are displayed with elegance, allowing you to create a wine cellar or display that truly reflects your personal style. 

          They can be fully customized to suit your precise storage needs. Put several together to fill a wine cellar or wine room. If you don't see the exact bottle capacity, dimensions or configurations you are looking for, please get in touch with us. We’d love to create a custom solution just for you. Reach out to one of our wine cellar experts for help. Click here to connect or call us at 866-973-1100 or email  

          About the author

          Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Vineyard Wine Cellars, brings decades of consulting experience to Vineyard Wine Cellars. Her expertise in wine storage systems, refrigeration systems and design trends supports Vineyard's broad range of residential and commercial clients. She leads the design team with an emphasis on meeting the aesthetic and practical requirements of every project. Based in Dallas, TX, Sarah supports clients nationwide. Visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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