Semi-Custom Wine Racks Offer Both Form and Function

April 21, 2021 4 min read

Semi-Custom Wine Racks Offer Both Form and Function

Do you have the start to a nice wine collection? Or, maybe you have been collecting for a while but have your wine stored in boxes around the house. No matter what level of collector you are, an important consideration is how best to store your wines. The options are endless and include storage solutions as simple as a standard wine rack to temperature-controlled wine cabinets to a full-blown, custom-designed wine cellar.

One of the most cost-effective and flexible options for a wine storage solution is semi-custom wine racks. Featuring a wide array of materials, finishes, design styles, and quality, the options are endless. A semi-custom wine rack offers you the opportunity to design racks that are on-trend, to your taste, and don’t sacrifice proper storage of your collection.

In selecting and designing your perfect wine racks there are several key features to look for including the items below.


The first and most important factor is quality over all else. Collecting and maintaining your wines is serious business, don’t skimp when it comes to your storage solution. Some important quality considerations include:

  • High-end fabrication and use of superior quality materials – don't settle for flimsy construction or cheap, low-grade materials and finishes
  • “Stick racking” is no longer the only game in town. Be sure to go with racking options that are structurally sound
  • Solid construction principles such as joinery construction with minimal or no visible fasteners are the marks of sophisticated wine storage
  • Hand-wiped stains and furniture grade finishes enhance semi-custom wine racks without masking their natural beauty
  • Seamless integration of mixed materials such as metal and acrylic align with modern design styles from California casual to Soho chic and everywhere in between…

Joinery construction is just one feature of a high-end racking system worthy of a carefully curated wine collection.


The second most important factor is your design style. The custom wine storage industry has come a long way from traditional redwood cellars to full-blown works of art.

This custom wine wall is a work of art that features acrylic wine racks also available as modular wine racks.

And now, custom wine racks, typically reserved for specialty trades, are available directly to wine lovers in modular options. Semi-customizable finish selections are aligned with kitchen and bath industry trends and leverage the latest and greatest materials and finishes available in wine storage solutions.

Looking for sophisticated wine racks that are heirloom worthy? Check out the all-wood Estate Collection with clean, modern lines in white oak or walnut.

Walnut wine racks built into a lounge in a modern home.

The Elevation Collection of wine racks combine acrylic with wood and metal to suit collectors seeking a more modern aesthetic.

Semi-custom acrylic wine racks compliment a contemporary, fully functional bar.

Utilizing a semi-custom wine rack provides a great opportunity to incorporate creativity into your space. Match the existing look and feel of a space or think outside of the box and design something that completely stands out. You can achieve ideal results that marry both form and function. Within the design, you can include additional elements like space for glass storage, spirits, wine accessories, and more.


Many storage solutions offer capacity OR design but not both. With semi-custom wine racks, you can create a storage solution keeping capacity in mind without sacrificing great design. Some features to recognize include:

  • A streamlined footprint that does not to take over a room
  • Efficient storage that makes the wine collection the focus
  • Ability to select modular pieces that come together to perfectly fit the size of the collection
  • Ability to add pieces over time as your collection grows

This home bar features four semi-custom wine racks placed side-by-side to create a high-capacity wine wall.

Made in the U.S.

With so many options out there, it is important that you are buying from a reputable source that specializes in wine storage.  This will ensure that your racking is properly sized, spaced, and engineered for wine. By choosing products made in the U.S. you have more control over lead times and shipping times and will ensure you have customer support readily available.

Whether your priorities are craftsmanship, design, capacity, responsible sourcing, or all the above, semi-custom wine racks are a great way to configure a creative and unique wine storage solution as unique as your collection.

Looking for semi-custom wine racking for your wine cellar, entertaining space, or restaurant? Vineyard Wine Cellars is the leading provider of wine cellars for enthusiasts seeking inspired solutions for the preservation and enjoyment of their collection. We source state-of-the-art products and materials in wine cellar cooling, construction, finishes, lighting, and racks to provide wine storage solutions for all applications and to suit any design style. Over the last 18 years, Vineyard Wine Cellars has earned a reputation as the premier wine storage provider by bringing ingenuity and quality workmanship to the process of designing and installing award-winning wine cellars.Browse our collections or contact us at 866-973-1100

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