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Why Invest in A Wine Display or Wine Cellar?

Why Invest in A Wine Display or Wine Cellar?

Beautiful Wine Displays Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Wine Collection

You’ve invested in a wine collection. And that collection is the culmination of adventures to premier wine making regions, tastings with your local sommelier, special outings with family and recommendations from friends with trusted palettes. Displaying your collection creates the perfect ambiance for entertaining or enjoying some quiet time at the end of a long day.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

One often overlooked benefit of a proper wine cellar, is organization. The functionality of your wine cellar is key to its enjoyment. Our clients organize their collections in different ways – by region, vintage or when-to-drink are most popular. Include areas for bulk storage and individual bottles. Size openings for 750s, magnums and large formats. The ability to effortlessly stock your cellar, browse your collection and make selections will only add to the enjoyment and preservation of your collection.

Wine Cellars Make A Statement

The wine and design industries have collided, and the results are jaw dropping. While we still do the occasional redwood wine cellar hidden away in a basement, this is no longer the norm. Think walnut or quarter-sawn white oak, mix in some metals and acrylic and give it all a warm glow with dimmable LED lighting. Wine is a celebrated part of our lifestyle and now there are more options than ever to incorporate your design style into how you display your collection.

Your Friends Will Love You for It

If you love wine – and we know you do – we’re guessing you have friends who love it to. Wine cellars add to the entertaining experience. They bring people together to share memories, tell tales and solve the worlds’ problems. Include a corking station in your cellar and have your friends over for a tasting. Invite your sommelier to your next dinner party for an evening of perfect pairings. Or invite your best pal over to share a bottle and some good conversation.

In summary, invest in a wine cellar. We know, we’re biased. But we also know that a wine cellar is the best way to celebrate the collection you’ve worked so hard to curate.

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