54-Bottle Classic Series Wine Rack, 8ft.

The 54-Bottle Class Series Wine Rack displays bottles 3-deep with labels in view.
  • Compact, minimalist label forward display
  • Each rack holds 54 bottles in a triple deep configuration
  • Great capacity for a single wine rack
  • Finish options are clear anodized aluminum and black
  • Bottles cradled by silicon-lined aluminum wine fins for secure and quiet stocking
  • Single wall-mounted post for easy installation
  • Multiple racks can be combined based on desired storage capacity
  • Installation is fast and easy. Simply fasten the vertical post to the wall, then fasten the wine fins to the post
  • 100% made in North America
  • Typically ships in one week 


Wine Rack Dimensions: 4”W x 11 7/16”D x 48”H

Bottle Openings: fits standard 750mL bottles


Liquid Systems wine racks are made of anodized aluminum with the exception of stainless-steel fasteners and the Sil-Secure silicon inserts. This material is inherently durable, corrosion-resistant and low maintenance.


Use a new, soft cloth to clean the wine racks. Do not use chemical cleaners or scouring compounds.