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Elevate Your Projects with Vineyard Wine Cellars: Unmatched Expertise in Wine Cellar Construction
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Elevate Your Projects with Vineyard Wine Cellars: Unmatched Expertise in Wine Cellar Construction


Embarking on a wine cellar project can be a daunting task, but with our seasoned experts by your side, the outcome is nothing short of spectacular. Achieving the perfect balance of design, function, climate, and finishes is our forte. As wine cellar builders ourselves, we do this work every day and are uniquely positioned to bring industry professionals like you the products, services and practical guidance required to seamlessly incorporate wine storage solutions into your projects. 

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Don’t know where to begin? Let’s chat. We’ll walk you through it. Short on lead time? We provide in-house design services and lead times that start with days, not weeks or months. Cost-conscious? Our products range in price without ever sacrificing quality. Looking for new design ideas? From Old World to contemporary, and everything in between, we offer products to suit any aesthetic. Can’t find local experts? We are available coast to coast (and beyond) via phone, video or site visit. 

A Legacy of Excellence

Since 2002, Vineyard Wine Cellars has been a leading force in providing 5-star wine amenities for luxury residences and commercial establishments. With a portfolio boasting over 3,500 custom wine cellars, we've transformed spaces into extraordinary wine sanctuaries for our clients to enjoy. We’ll help you navigate the intricacies of building a wine cellar, open your eyes to design possibilities you might not have imagined and guide you through every step of the build. 

Expertise Tailored to Professionals 

Building a wine cellar is complicated. Without the right expertise, costly mistakes are easy to make and design choices are limited. As wine display and storage experts, we understand the complexities, and can help you maximize the potential for your space. 

Comprehensive Support for Professionals 

Delight your clients with a spectacular custom wine cellar. When you choose to partner with us, we pull out all the stops to make you shine. We work with designers, architects, builders, and HVAC professionals to help navigate the requirements for a well-built wine cellar. 

Our Services Include: 

  • Complimentary wine cellar consultations 
  • Expertise at every phase of your project 
  • Project estimating 
  • Free design services 
  • 3D color designs to bring your vision to life 
  • Material and finish samples 
  • Cooling system sizing and specification 
  • Construction consultation 

Seamless Execution, Every Time 

Whether your wine cellar project is new construction or a renovation, we will work to make sure your project is done right, on time, and within budget. Having built over 3,500 custom wine cellars, we are adept at giving architects, builders, and designers a hassle-free experience. We represent the most trusted racking and refrigeration manufacturers in our industry to bring you fully integrated solutions that are functional and beautiful. 

Unparalleled Standards of Excellence 

We have high standards for our work, and we think you should, too. Here’s what you can expect when working with Vineyard Wine Cellars. 

  •  A loyal, responsive team who upholds promises and responds quickly to meet deadlines 
  • Professional, straightforward guidance and documentation 
  • Fine craftsmanship in every product 
  • An elevated experience in our service 
  • Comprehensive understanding of contracting requirements, project site safety, and more 
  • Coordination with other contractors to ensure a flawless execution 


Before you select a wine cellar partner, call us first. As pros in your field, you possess invaluable skills and knowledge your clients depend on. Now, imagine enhancing your expertise to include the art of crafting extraordinary wine cellars. The result? Nothing short of spectacular. The finished product will wow your clients, and word of your talents will spread. Elevate your projects with Vineyard Wine Cellars and let's create wine cellars that are a testament to both form and function. 

When you choose to partner with us, we pull out all the stops to make you shine. To learn more about how we can help with your next project visit our Professionals Page.

About the author

Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Vineyard Wine Cellars, brings decades of consulting experience to Vineyard Wine Cellars. Her expertise in wine storage systems, refrigeration systems and design trends supports Vineyard's broad range of residential and commercial clients. She leads the design team with an emphasis on meeting the aesthetic and practical requirements of every project. Based in Dallas, TX, Sarah supports clients nationwide. Visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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