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Elevating Home Renovations with Vineyard Wine Cellars: An HGTV 'No Demo Reno' Feature
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Elevating Home Renovations with Vineyard Wine Cellars: An HGTV 'No Demo Reno' Feature


In the world of wine storage solutions, finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics is often a daunting task. The semi-custom wine racks and wine walls offered through our site have proven time and again that it's possible to seamlessly blend both elements. Recently, we had the honor of being featured on the renowned HGTV show "No Demo Reno," where we showcased our expertise in creating a stunning and functional wine wall for a home renovation project.  

A Blend of Aesthetics and Practicality  

Our mission for the “No Demo Reno” project was to create a wine display that was functional, achieved the designer's desired aesthetic, and required no construction. We were able to accomplish the goals of the project by installing a semi-custom wine rack into an existing niche. The result was a wine display that is visually appealing, practical and completed with a quick turnaround and budget. 

In the episode, which aired on September 21st, 2023, it showcased Vineyard Wine Cellars' commitment to being a leader in the wine storage industry. Owner Sarah Palmer was featured and demonstrated her expertise and knack for understanding their clients' needs, ensuring the final product not only met but exceeded expectations. 

"We are honored to have been a part of 'No Demo Reno' and for the opportunity to showcase our passion for creating exceptional wine storage solutions." said Palmer “We have brought to market a new semi-custom wine storage category, utilizing the same high-quality products typically found in luxury, custom projects. The modular, semi-custom racking provides availability for a broader range of projects to meet budget and timeline restraints without sacrificing quality.” 

Innovative Solutions for Every Space  

The “No Demo Reno” project is the perfect example of how semi-custom wine racks can meet the needs of designers, builders, and architects nationwide. It opens the possibility of incorporating a small wine display into the heart of an entertaining space, without the construction of a full-blown wine cellar. We utilized a semi-custom wine rack from our Tower Series. This collection includes a range of materials and finishes to choose from, they are made-to-order to suit any space. 

While there are kit wine racking options out there, our offerings are from high-end manufacturers, that include hand-wiped finishes, dowel construction, modern configurations, and on-trend materials. Our pieces are designed to be upscale and central to entertaining spaces, not merely utility racks. These are ideal for someone who wants to bring their wine collection into focus but doesn't necessarily require a walk-in cellar. 


Our feature on "No Demo Reno" is a great example of seamlessly integrating a semi-custom wine rack into an existing space, to achieve a visually striking wine wall that is highly functional.  

Read the Press Release here. Want to see the behind-the-scenes of the film shoot? Check out the video here. To shop the Tower Series Collection here.  



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