What to Bring to Your First Wine Cellar Consultation

November 20, 2019 2 min read

What to Bring to Your First Wine Cellar Consultation

You’ve finally decided to move forward with a custom wine cellar project. We’re guessing a lot of planning and research went into this decision. It is a designer’s ultimate goal to fully understand your vision and help you bring the project to life. Your first consultation is an opportunity to convey your design ideas, layout your realities, and gain a deeper understanding of what is involved in the process. With a little bit of preparation, every client can get the most out of their initial consultation and get a head start on the design and build of their project.

4 Things to Bring to your Consultation with a Custom Wine Cellar Designer

  1. Inspiration Photos: We know you’ve been mining Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz for the latest and greatest in wine cellar design trends. Be sure to bring your favorite pics to your consultation so we can incorporate your style and favorite storage options into your wine cellar. Having photos that depict finishes, rack styles, layout ideas and other key components you are interested in, gives a designer an overall idea about the look and feel you are going for. The more they can see, the easier it will be to create a cellar that works for you. 
  1. Photos of Your Home or Business: Having pictures of your home or business is another key component to planning your perfect cellar. If you have multiple locations being considered for your wine cellar be sure to bring photos from different angles of each area you are thinking about. Pictures also help when considering refrigeration options, finishes and style and provide visual cues about the space in general. If your first consultation is at the project site, sending photos in advance will help the designer prepare for the meeting. 
  1. A Copy of Your Floor Plans: When available, floor plans are one of the top resources you can provide and will be used as a reference throughout the process. Be sure to bring a full set so the designer can see the location of the wine cellar relative to other entertaining spaces, plan how to route the components of your refrigeration system and consider sight lines from adjacent rooms. If your project is a renovation and your meeting is onsite, send the plans ahead of time so the designer can do some pre-work to make sure your time together is well spent. 
  1. A Rundown of Your Collection: Take a look in your wine fridge, garage, hall closet or off-site storage space and reacquaint yourself with your collection. How many bottles do you want to store now and into the future? How many are 750s, magnums or large formats? How would you like to organize the collection in your cellar? Knowing these details will help your designer provide you with personalized options for your wine cellar.

Research and advance planning will help bring your dream cellar to life and you’ll be stocking your new cellar in no time!

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