Our Story

Industry Pioneers

In 2002, Bonnie and Gary Daniels founded Vineyard Wine Cellars in Frisco, TX. Like all good things, the idea was born out of passion and necessity. Bonnie and Gary were designing a new home and wanted to include climate-controlled wine storage but researching the project quickly revealed a lack of specialized suppliers and contractors. After extensive research they were unable to find anyone to design and build their dream wine cellar. Fueled by their background in construction and love of wine they started Vineyard Wine Cellars and never looked back.

Today, VWC is a leader in what is now a thriving wine storage industry. VWC’s experience spans residential and commercial applications from basements to high rises across the United States. A commitment to sound construction principles, superior customer service, deep industry expertise and professionalism flows through every VWC project.

A Family Tradition

The Daniels’ children, Andy Daniels and Sarah Palmer, joined the company to continue what their parents started nearly 20 years ago. They run the day-to-day operations of the business and ensure the legacy of quality and service their parents instilled in them from a young age is found in every project.

“Growing” the Family Business

In 2018, the family started a vineyard in Cross Roads, Texas. A labor of love and a longtime dream come true, Loose Grape Vineyard is an acre of Tempranillo vines now in its second leaf. We hope that one day soon when you visit the VWC Design Center you’ll see a special vintage stored in the wine rack displays.