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Prepare for Your Dream Wine Cellar: What to Bring to the Consultation
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Prepare for Your Dream Wine Cellar: What to Bring to the Consultation

Congratulations on deciding to build your custom wine cellar! This initial consultation is your chance to collaborate with a designer and turn your vision into reality. By coming prepared, you'll ensure a productive meeting and get your wine cellar project off to a smooth start. 

Inspiration Photos: Paint a Picture of Your Perfect Cellar 

We all have a vision in mind, but sometimes translating those ideas into words can be tricky. That's where our Inspiration Gallery or platforms such as Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram come in! Compile a collection of photos that showcase the design elements you love. This could include anything from specific wine rack styles and lighting fixtures to overall cellar aesthetics – modern and minimalist, rustic and traditional, or perhaps a luxurious, temperature-controlled cave vibe. The more visual references you provide, the better your designer can understand your desired look and feel. 

Photos of Your Space: Unveiling the Canvas

If your wine cellar is going into an existing space, seamless integration will be a key factor in the design. Take clear photos (with dimensions if possible) of the designated space for the cellar. If you're considering multiple locations, take pictures from various angles of each space. These visuals will help the designer understand factors like refrigeration options, finishes, and the overall style that needs to complement your existing environment.  

A Copy of Your Floor Plans: Let's Get Down to the Details 

If you have them readily available, bringing a copy of your floor plans is a major plus. This blueprint provides the designer with invaluable details about the space, including square footage, ceiling height, and existing plumbing or electrical layouts. With this information, they can start crafting a wine cellar design that maximizes functionality and complements the overall structure of your building. 

A Rundown of Your Collection:  Understanding Your Wine's Needs 

Your wine collection is the heart and soul of your cellar.  Knowing the size and composition of your collection is essential for designing an efficient storage system.  Provide the designer with an estimate of the number of bottles you currently own, as well as your future collecting aspirations.  Do you primarily collect reds or whites?  Are there any magnums or large-format bottles that require special accommodation?  How would you like to organize your wines in the cellar? Sharing these details will ensure your designer creates a storage solution that caters to your specific needs. 

By bringing these 4 items to your consultation, you'll be well on your way to a productive and inspiring meeting with your custom wine cellar designer. Remember, the more information you provide, the better equipped the designer will be to translate your vision into a reality –  your very own dream wine cellar! 

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About the author

Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Vineyard Wine Cellars, brings decades of consulting experience to Vineyard Wine Cellars. Her expertise in wine storage systems, refrigeration systems and design trends supports Vineyard's broad range of residential and commercial clients. She leads the design team with an emphasis on meeting the aesthetic and practical requirements of every project. Based in Dallas, TX, Sarah supports clients nationwide. Visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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